Ms Alliyah

  • Ms. Alliyah Nassor

    Alliyah Nassor is the Headteacher at The Schoolhouse, Dar es Salaam. She has a strong interest in working with children and is committed to ensuring a positive learning environment through the management of the school. Her academic endeavors and work experience have focused on child development and intellectual disabilities in children and she is looking forward to bringing this knowledge and passion into the classroom.

    Alliyah has experience working in the fields of Developmental Pediatrics and Clinical Psychology. In 2019, she worked in Muscat, Oman under a senior Clinical Psychologist where she assessed and managed patients with psychological disorders along with attending related conferences such as the 1st  Autism Gulf Regional Conference. Alongside this role, Alliyah has worked with a Developmental Pediatric where she was exposed to assessing and observing children with developmental delay, Autism, ADHD and Intellectual disabilities using standard assessment procedures.

    Alliyah holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Aston University, Birmingham. Inspired by her work experience, she was part of an existing research initiative that explored mental health disorders specifically anxiety amongst individuals clinically diagnosed with genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disabilities. She was able to provide pilot data on the validation of a new clinical measure of anxiety that is inclusive of cognitively impaired children.

    Alliyah aims to ensure the highest standard of early education for your child by supporting teachers, staff and parents in cultivating an enriching learning experience.